Jackie's Cake Creations

Jackie's Cake Creations



I'm Jackie. I started out the wife of a soldier in the Army. Being required to move around quite a bit made starting a career both difficult and not practical. I have baked cakes for my family and friends for over 15 years, and have often received compliments on both how creative and artistic my cakes were, as well as how good they tasted. So, given the circumstances, one day I decided to start up my own business where I could both travel with my husband and work doing something I love. I have found in doing my creations, that I truly enjoy the artistic side of custom cakes. Adding color, trying new challenges, carving cakes, and trying new recipes is like painting on a blank canvas. I put my heart and soul into each cake design I do. Whether it is for an eight-year-old child's birthday, or for a couple getting married, I truly love seeing the joy that comes to people when they see what will be the special center piece of their event. Regardless if you have something specific in mind, or if you would like me to design something special for you, I can promise that I will put everything I have into your cake as if it was my own.    

Please message or call me so we can work on creating the best cake design that fits you, that will fit your budget and one that you will love!